• I am Water

    I am 34. A year ago I decided to swim across the Bosphorus and took up swimming in a serious way. That shot at making a dream come true wasn’t the first one. Most of them had failed. I always figured it was too late and the moment had passed.
    As I was going through the training, I kept a diary to capture everything that happened there, along with how I felt about it. The records became the backbone of the story.
    The “I am Water” project reflects the changes that water stirred up in me. As I immersed into water, I immersed into my own self. Water became the place where I could have a tête-à-tête with myself and come up with an honest response to the "Who am I?" question.
    The project includes two books, a documental introduction and the primary book. The documental part consists of archive records and reveals the background for the research. The primary book is a symbiosis between the diary fragments and photos that capture my interaction with water and the changes our union called forth.

    Photos and text Olga Boltneva
    Design Yuliya Timashova