Olga Boltneva (b. 1982) is a photographer working at the junction of documentary and art photography. Her life and art are inseparably connected. She follows her inner impulses, to identify and disclose her personal painful points, but speaks about things which are universal and common to all humankind.

Olga is the participant of different international and Russia photo festivals and exhibitions. Among them PHOTOBOOKFEST (Russia, 2017), FELIFA (Argentina, 2016), Scan Tarragona an International Photo Festival (Spain, 2016), Athens Photo Festival (Greece, 2016), Exhibition “Special edition. Photobook in Russia” (Russia, 2016).

Her works entered the short-lists Dummy Awards Moscow Photobookfest (2017), Young photographers of Russia (2017, 2014), SCAN PhotoBooks (2016), Athens Photo Festival (2016) and other.

She lives and works in Moscow.

Date and place of birth
Born in 1982 in the city of Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk region, Russia, I currently live and work in Moscow, Russia.

2018 — Atlas lab photobook making workshop by Alex Bocchetto and Yumi Goto, in collaboration with AKINA and Reminders Photography Stronghold, Japan

2015-2016 — Creative Laboratory SREDA (Workshop of Alla Mirovskaya)

2013- 2014 – School of visual arts (Directing and creating a short film (Workshop of Maria Ionova-Gribina, Self-publishing book)

2012 – 2013 — Master of documentary photography, the author’s course by А. Rogozin, school Photo Help, Russia

2007 – 2009 — Master of Business Administration at the Higher School of International Business in the Academy of the National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation

1999 – 2004 — BA in Economics at the Ural State University after A.Gorky, Russia.

Group exhibitions

2018- 2018 — FELIFA 16th Festival de libros de fotografia y afines, photobook “One flesh”, Buenos Aries, Argentina

2018 — 6th Singapore International Photography Festival, photobook “One flesh”, Singapore, 2018

2018 — 17th DongGang International Photo Festival, project “One flesh”, DongGang Museum of Photography and exhibition venues, Seoul, South Korea

2017 – Women in photography 2017 slideshow projection: Asian women photographers’ showcase, project Infertility II, Chapel Gallery, Objectifs, Singapore

2017 – PITERPHOTOFEST 2017, photobook “Infertility II”, Korobitsyno, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2017 – Exhibition “Young photographers of Russia — 2017”, projects “I am Water” and “Confession”, The Russian State Library for Young Adults, Moscow, Russia

2017 – PHOTOBOOKFEST 2017, photobook “Infertility II”, The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, Russia

2017 – Exhibition “SAMIZDAT”, photobook “I am Water”, Art space “CL “SREDA”, Moscow, Russia

2016 — FELIFA Feria de Libros de Fotos de Autor, photobook “I am Water”, FoLa fototeca latinoamericana, Buenos Aries, Argentina

2016 — Scan Tarragona an International Photo Festival, photobook “I am Water”, Tinglado 2 at Tarragona Port, Tarragona, Spain

2016 – Athens Photo Festival, photobook “I am Water”, Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece

2016 — Exhibition “Special edition. Photobook in Russia”, photobook “I am Water”, Museum of photography “Metenkov House”, Ekaterinburg, Russia

2015 — Exhibition “Life. Space. 2.0”, “Kolya — musician”, Photo Center on Gogol Boulevard, Moscow, Russia

2014 – International Festival of Photography “ Fotoparad — 2014”, project “Kolya — musician”, Landscape museum, Uglich, Russia

2014 – Exhibition “Young photographers of Russia — 2014”, project “Hospital Clowns”, Landscape museum, Ples, Russia

2014 – Exhibition “Workshop of Maria Ionova-Gribina”, projects “Inside”, “Kolya — musician”, WinZavod center for contemporary art, Moscow, Russia

2014 – Exhibition “Silver Camera — 2013”, project “Hospital Clowns”, Gallery “Tsarskaya Bashnya”, Moscow, Russia

2013 – Exhibition “Documentary photography”, projects “Hospital Clowns”, “Rhythm of happiness”, Gallery “Na Hodynke”, Moscow, Russia

2013 – Russian Photography Festival «Svetopis – 2013», project “Сappuccino backward”, Russian Photography Museum, Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.

Solo exhibitions
2013 – Exhibition «Hospital Clowns. From Volunteering to Profession», Hermitage Garden, Moscow, Russia


6th Singapore International Photography Festival: Open Call Photo Book Showcase, short list 2018
Perugia Social Photo Fest, Honorable Mention, 2018
Piterphotofest, second prize winner, 2017
Young photographers of Russia, special prize from jury, 2017
Dummy Awards Moscow Photobookfest, short list 2017
SCAN PhotoBooks, short list 2016
Athens Photo Festival, short list 2016
Special edition. Photobook in Russia, short list 2016
Young photographers of Russia, short list 2014
Silver Camera, shot list 2013

Turma de fotografia, Buenos Aries, Argentina
Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece
Documentation Centre of the Forum Foundation for the Photography, Tarragona, Spain
Museum of photography “Metenkov House”, Ekaterinburg, Russia