• One flesh

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    Self-published handmade book 2018
    Limited-edition of 50 signed and numbered copies.
    180 x 135mm / Hardback with acrylic printing, swiss binding / 48 pages + 6 folded pages
    Concept, edit and art-direction: developed in the 2018 Atlas lab photobook making workshop by Alex Bocchetto and Yumi Goto, in collaboration with AKINA and Reminders Photography Stronghold.
    Photo/binding Olga Boltneva
    Prepress Yulia Timashova
    Printed Nemakulatura
    Price 40 euro + shipping

    review by Olga Bubich: https://www.photographer.ru/events/review/7675.htm

    Awards & Fellowship
    Felifa International Prize, short list, 2018
    6th Singapore International Photography Festival: Open Call Photo Book Showcase, sort list 2018
    17th DongGang International Photo Festival, project “One flesh”, DongGang Museum of Photography and exhibition venues, Seoul, South Korea, 2018
    Perugia Social Photo Fest, Honorable Mention, 2018

    What’s the meaning of marriage? This question we asked ourselves when for 8 years of marriage, we did not become parents, and the doctors diagnosed me with "Infertility of the 2nd degree". But it's not the end, it's time of the beginning.
    The project "One flesh" is a story about Love. The diagnosis that doctors gave me was the starting point in the search for the meaning of marriage. Awareness of the true meaning of love. To start living in other as in oneself. To feel the New Testament verse “and the two will become one flesh” with your own skin. After all, the family is not a reproductive function. This is primarily the Two.
    In a sense, this work can be called therapeutic, as it helped us survive the difficult moment of life - the struggle against infertility and the ultimate acceptance of defeat in it. Having lost what seemed to us the most important thing, the opportunity to become parents, we found the real most important thing - ourselves and the integrity of our marriage.
  • I am Water

    I am 34. A year ago I decided to swim across the Bosphorus and took up swimming in a serious way. That shot at making a dream come true wasn’t the first one. Most of them had failed. I always figured it was too late and the moment had passed.
    As I was going through the training, I kept a diary to capture everything that happened there, along with how I felt about it. The records became the backbone of the story.
    The “I am Water” project reflects the changes that water stirred up in me. As I immersed into water, I immersed into my own self. Water became the place where I could have a tête-à-tête with myself and come up with an honest response to the "Who am I?" question.
    The project includes two books, a documental introduction and the primary book. The documental part consists of archive records and reveals the background for the research. The primary book is a symbiosis between the diary fragments and photos that capture my interaction with water and the changes our union called forth.

    Photos and text Olga Boltneva
    Design Yuliya Timashova

    Review by Olga Bubich https://www.photographer.ru/events/review/8311.htm